this is me...

My name is Casey and I am a typical girlie girl, who the majority of the time has a smile like the one above on my face!

I have more loves than hates, and the top ones being: Performing Arts, fashion, cocktails with my girls, nights out with the faves, Nando's, Prezzo's, nights in and out, my Norfolk lot, my Lincoln lot, my wonderful family and my amazing boyfriend, Daniel.

I am studying a BA Hons Degree in Drama at the University of Lincoln and have just completed my first year! Time has flown, but I have LOVED every second of it, and can't wait to get back in September. As for once Uni is over *big sobs*, I don't really know as of yet what it is I want to do, possibly teaching, maybe acting (let's hope someone big and successful reads this and gives me 'my big break'!? ;), maybe drama therapy, who know's!

I wear my heart on my sleeve, and am happy to help anyone that wants it. I've learnt not to let people get you down, and to try your best in all that you do, because there isn't a point otherwise, and your only proving the people who thought you couldn't do it right. I've been bullied, and am very greatful to those that did so, because they made me raise my game, and make me a stronger person. That does not mean however that I am completely happy with who I am, everyone has flaws, I just hope my flaws are my own and never bring anyone else down.

I live my life to make myself and my family happy, because although being selfish isn't always a good trait, its a necessity sometimes, and learning when is the right time to be selfish is something I am proud to say that I learnt from my Daddy. I try to make my family and friends proud of me, and if I achieve this, I know that I am doing my best. Nothing feels better than making other people smile, and this is something I try to do every single day.

My moto is: Live, Laugh, Love. I believe as long as I do this, I can't go very wrong! But again, we'll see! :)